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Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022 announced in Quetta. You may view the official advertising that was published below. Pakistani nationals are encouraged to submit their resumes for consideration for the following contract and permanent employment opportunities. Candidates who are interested can submit their applications for the following posts. Anyone who meets the requirements to be considered for the position, regardless of gender, can submit an application. The age limit, required education and experience, as well as the required country of residence, are all listed in the advertising that can be found further down on this page.

About Sports Department Balochistan

The history of Balochistan is rich and adventurous, stretching all the way back to the Stone Age. Recent studies and archaeological digs at Mehrgarh have uncovered evidence of a civilisation that dates back 9000 years. The human settlement pattern at Mehrgarh was unrivalled and one of a kind; it marked the beginning of a distinct transition from a life of nomadic gathering and hunting to a life of established agriculture for the first time in the history of humanity. The Mehrgarh civilisation developed into a more advanced society with the domestication of animals, cultivation of plants, and the export of scent. In the year 325 B.C., the great Alexander the Macedonian travelled in Balochistan.

Balochistan became under the dominion of Selecus Nicator when he passed away, although his descendants were eventually overthrown by the Greco-Bactrians. The region has also seen the advance of a number of powerful conquerors and soldiers in the past, including Macedonians, Arabs, Ghaznavies, Mangols, and Mughals. Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

712 A.D. marked the beginning of Muslim dominion. Arabs gave the areas of Balochistan that they dominated the names Turan (Jhallawan region) and Nudha or Buddha. The capital of Turan was located in Khuzdar. Nudha was also known as Buddha (Kachhi). The Ghaznivid dynasty was established when Nasir-ud-din Subuktagin gained control of Balochistan in the 11th century. This event marked the beginning of the dynasty. The Ghorids came to power after the Ghaznivids. In the year 1219, it became a part of the territory ruled by the Sultan Mohammad Khan of Khwarizm (Khiva). In the year 1223, the Yellow Peril, often known as the Mongols, presented a threat to the region south of Mekran. It was annexed to the Mughal Empire in 1595, but Nadir Shah of Persia was able to take control of it in the 16th century. In the year 1747, Ahmed Shah Durrani of Afghanistan was successful in consolidating his control over Afghanistan. In 1758, Nasir Khan-I led an uprising against the Afghans, which resulted in the establishment of the Khanate of Kalat.

Sports Department Balochistan History

In 1839, the British took over from the Muslims who had previously ruled the area. The British were able to cement their control in Balochistan with the assistance of two Afghan wars that occurred between 1839 and 1879. Sir Robert Sandeman, who later became the Chief Commissioner of Balochistan, was the architect of British strategy in the region and he negotiated a number of treaties with the Khan of Kalat between the years 1854 and 1901. Sandeman’s tenure as Chief Commissioner of Balochistan followed his time as the architect of British strategy in the region. The British government was able to seize control of the leased territory of Chaghi, Bolan Pass, and Quetta as well as other regions thanks to these accords. After Pakistan was established in 1947, many neighbouring princely realms, including Mekran, Kharan, Lasbela, and the Kalat state, eventually became part of Pakistan. In 1955, the province of Balochistan was incorporated into a single administrative entity of West Pakistan. Balochistan became one of Pakistan’s four new provinces after the collapse of one-Unit, which it had previously been a part of. Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022 Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022
Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

Detail of Jobs

Published On 06, 2022
Last Date 2022
OrganizationSports Department
No of Seats170+
Job LocationQuetta, Balochistan
Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

Vacancies Details

Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Seats
2.Junior  ClerkFA/ FSC18
3.Tube Well OperatorMatric01
4.Security GuardMatric11
8.Wall manLiterate01
9.Naib QasidLiterate06
10.Ground ManLiterate05
Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

Contract Basis Vacancies .Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Seats
13.Naib QasidLiterate39
14.Ground menLiterate03
Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

How to apply Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

Candidates who are interested in this position are required to submit an application form to the Director General Support in Balochistan, along with their CNIC, domicile, educational, and photograph in passport size. Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022 Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022 Sports Department Balochistan Jobs 2022

There will be no TA or DA that can be admitted.

Only the candidates who made the short list were invited to the interview.

The application deadline for jobs in the Sports Department of Balochistan is the 20th of August 2022.

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